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The Heart Based Holistic Programme for Radical Mental Well Being

Endorsed by leading Clinical Psychologist Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, PhD





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ZaZegga is professionally designed and written to give you a short and quick path to immediate improvement AND long-term, sustainable well being, wherever you are starting from.


ZaZegga helps you to help yourself.  It is a video programme which you work through at your own pace. You learn about the fascinating theory behind the techniques and then you get to put them into practise right away by yourself.   This isn’t long winded or boring theory. You get just the amount you need to make the practise make sense to you. 

You may have previously tried out meditation techniques, apps and even therapies. ZaZegga is different.   It teaches a model of wholeness and quickly turns it into practical skills that you use in the moment of your everyday life. It’s not something you must find a specific time slot to do separately.


And, ZaZegga offers so much more than the regular meditation and mindfulness programmes. It teaches you a full range of techniques. You even learn how to deal with extreme discomfort, like a panic attack, and how to change your whole outlook on life.  All you have to do is trust in the process.


ZaZegga's foundations are strong. It maps to tried and tested psychological treatments for improving mental health. It brings a depth of knowledge and practice in this vast area together in one accessible place and weaves it into a refreshingly new and inclusive model of being human. It taps into ancient knowledge we already have around being human and offers a new way of being.  


ZaZegga is of our time, for our time .


Dr Kilbey's Endorsement
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ZaZegga opens up an expansive view of what it is to be human and the intrinsic capabilities we all have when we experience ourselves as whole, living in the integrated wholeness of Earth.  Our current emphasis on 'mind' is superseded by our Integrated Intelligences with Heart Intelligence leading front and centre.

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Four Zones reflect the four layers of discovery of your inner world and the releasing of your intrinsic abilities to:

  • Change unwanted thoughts in the moment

  • Ease out of stress and anxiety into a calm state

  • Shift into a resourceful states at will

  • Accept unwanted feelings and pass through them to ease

  • Shift your perspective to 'see' others without judgement

  • Accept yourself with compassion

  • Illuminate how your hidden needs create stress 

  • Bring harmony to your relationships 

  • Rewrite the story of your life and find healing from within

  • Be 'with' with nature rather than ‘connecting to it’ to tap into our ancient healing source


  • whatever your unique path reveals for you

The Turquoise

Get to know yourself and your Integrated Intelligence. Discover the resources you already have within you.

The Turquoise Zone gives you ways to feel better in the moment using simple and effective techniques.

It introduces you to the theory of wholeness and to your Integrated Intelligence

It is all about starting to know yourself as a whole being to expand you beyond the limits of the mind.  

The Orange

Discover the inner you and learn how to master your needs and perceptions for less stress and conflict.

The Orange Zone is all about getting into a new relationship with yourself. 

Understanding the difference between your outer persona and your inner world.  How personality shapes how you see the world, your unconscious needs and how these create your unique stress profile. 

The Magenta

Learn skills that heal hurt and trauma, get to the core of what isn't working in your life and how you feel.

The Magenta Zone is about getting into relationship with the core you, the unconscious part of you that drives everything about how you exist in the world and is where you can find the underlying cause of your fears, anxieties, your negative feelings and aspects of your life that aren’t working.


The Green

Recharge and restore through BEING WITH not connecting to, Nature.

The Green Zone is all about our deep and ancient recognition of our dependence on the natural world.  This dependence is as much psychological as it is physical.  Our wellbeing is tied directly to nature. 

Nature and other animals are restorative, and this zone puts you into touch with these in a fascinating way.     ​

Deep concepts and inspiring new knowledge is acquired in minutes from animated videos in each Zone's Learning Room.

Get quickly then to the Practise Rooms where beautiful videos put the impactful practises and techniques effortlessly into your hands. 

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 And Maria, the creator and founder of ZaZegga,  will regularly go Live in all of the Zones with tips and guidance.


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Community is good for us in many ways, it's actually been shown to reduce incidences of heart disease.     Being with others is good for our well being, and we can consciously amplify these benefits through Heartfulness.

In the ZaZegga Community we practise  Heartfulness for Hope and Healing for People and Planet.  This is such a vital antidote to the overwhelm, anxiety and sadness so many of us are feeling about the state of Earth and all who depend on her.  

Join this sanctuary community and learn Heartfulness, the cornerstone of heart based living and discover the profound effects of a daily practise as well as the hope and healing of our group practise.  Heart based living is a state of being that is grounded in compassion for self and others.  It enables us to live in a state of ease, to navigate complex and challenging situations and to ease worry and anxiety through the collective heart.  


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Want access to both the Programme and the Community?

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Read Kathryn's experience of using ZaZegga.....

“ZaZegga is different to other programmes and well-being apps I have used because it really does provide holistic support. Not just the tools to tap into our inner resources but a full understanding of how we interact with others and the world we live in. It empowered me to think deeply about the world around me and my place in it. It has made me feel strong again when I was starting to feel that I was losing control. It has given me the confidence to believe that as an individual I have something positive to contribute to the enormous challenges being faced by humans.

It is a hands-on, practical programme. By following the short videos and exercises I learned tools and techniques that go beyond the standard meditation apps. I learned quick and easy methods to calm myself instantly when feeling anxious and how to make sense of my emotions and feelings. I put it all into practice with little effort and reaped lots of benefits.

The programme helped me to reconnect with inner resources, which I realise I always had. It feels like I have got back to who I always was. I am aware that these powers stem back to my childhood, when I instinctively learned to deal with the challenges life throws at us. This has left me feeling rejuvenated, powerful, confident. I have greater trust in myself and have more hope for the future. I feel less concerned about things that are beyond my control, but at the same time have a renewed motivation to do what I can to help improve the world, in collaboration with others.

ZaZegga is like having a mirror to the past of my powerful self and a window to an exciting and hopeful future in the world.

ZaZegga has reminded me that these skills are not new. Like sleeping, we know how to do it as babies, yet we can suffer insomnia in later life. In the same way we need help and support in relearning good sleep habits this programme teaches us how to reconnect with the primeval skills that we already possess.

Since completing the programme my approach to life has changed in simple yet dramatic ways. I do things at a slower pace, am more aware of how every action and decision could have a detrimental effect on others and the world, so I try to make the best choice each time. I listen more attentively, and I even walk the dog in a vastly unique way! Our walks are now a partnership. He teaches me how to just be in the park and to explore. We both arrive back home relaxed and refreshed instead of feeling rushed and stressed, because I must get onto the next ‘important’ task of the day.

For me ZaZegga stands out because it is simple yet comprehensive, philosophical yet commonsensicle and the programme provides the right balance of theory and practice to impact your life very quickly. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

ZaZegga is like having a mirror to the past of my powerful self and a window to an exciting and hopeful future in the world.”


Creator & Founder

Having endured a lifetime of anxiety,  depression and more than one breakdown, I found my way to the radical well being that I know today via an entirely self-directed path.

I created ZaZegga to offer others the shortcut to this path so they too can discover their own intrinsic skills and be empowered to totally transform how they experience life.