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Welcome to ZaZegga and the Well Being World Movement. Our mission is to give children young people and adults a new and effective way to take their wellbeing into their own hands.

Children and young people are facing serious challenges.

They have been impacted hugely by the pandemic and they are deeply affected by the climate crisis.  It is an urgent obligation to give them everything they need to navigate this complex their world and to find a way to well being within the complexity and the uncertainty. 

We are dealing with a huge psychological burden.

Adults and businesses have recognised that the climate crisis is a direct result of how we have lived in the west since the Industrial Revolution and that an unequal burden of this is falling on children and young people. 

A worldwide epidemic of distress across all age groups.

There is an epidemic of distress all over the world in all age groups.  But with this being increasingly locked within the paradigm of ‘mental health’ there is a glaring gap between need and available solutions. 

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We've created the ZaZegga programme for mental wellbeing. We believe that ZaZegga is the solution and we need your help to get it to where it is needed. 


We are on a mission to equip children, young people and adults to thrive through the challenges and uncertainty of modern life through greater self-integration, use of their own inner resources and our relationship with our environment.


We need more than meditation and mindfulness if we are to improve mental well being on the scale that is needed.

We have an ambitious goal to get the ZaZegga programme into the hands of children and young people across the world and build a community of 100 Well Being World Schools around the globe within the next 12 months.

You are invited to be part of our ambitious goal.

Share the powerful gift of mental well being and change the future.

ZaZegga is a unique online programme that gives you holistic knowledge, skills, techniques, and deep practises that enable you to self-heal and build psychological strength and capacity for yourself. 


There is nothing else like it.

Refreshingly original, accessible and effective content equips children, young people and adults to build psychological flexibility to self-manage their well being.


Highly rated and endorsed by a renowned clinical psychologist.

How would it feel to know that by helping to empower yourself to take care of your well being, you will be helping children and young people to cope better with the epidemic of distress they are going through?


We’re a purpose lead business with an ambition to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives at home and around the world. 

There is a genuine crisis of psychological breakdown that needs urgent attention. Young people are feeling unheard and let down and we are determined to do something about this.

Make a lasting difference to children and young people.

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