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It’s always nice to see the people behind the project – this is us. 

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Creator & Founder.

I’m Maria Dennis, creator of ZaZegga, founder of the Well Being World Movement and I have a story to tell. 


It’s a story of a crisis of being in the world.  This story was private and personal and was never going to be shared with the world, but when the global mental health crisis emerged, I felt compelled to get involved.  

ZaZegga is what I needed when I was suffering with crippling distress, depression, anxiety – but it didn’t exist.

Which is why I created it. 


It’s the result of far reaching exploration into what it is to be human and what it is that makes us feel the way we do.

ZaZegga is a unique programme that provides powerful practises to improve mental well being and build inner fitness. It is so much more than a meditation or mindfulness app. It's a deep and immersive online programme that brings an exciting new theory of our inner world.


Through a new understanding of what I have termed Integrated Intelligence, of the heart as the centre of this; of the layers of personality and need that shape our experience of being and to the resources that we have within us. The online programme is delivered through 35 animated videos. They are presented in three ‘Zones’ to create a clear structure and progress path through the learning and practice. Each Zone contains need-to-know theory videos and a ‘Practise Room’, an immersive space rich with experiential guided practises.


The aim is to work in the ‘Practise Room’ until the practises have become habitual and can be used in a day to day way.

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I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of working with children and young people with a range of complex presentations. I have worked in the NHS and the private sector and across health, education, and social care settings.

I began my career working at great Ormond Street hospital, which provided me with invaluable experience and foundation knowledge in the complexity of children’s developmental profiles.  I currently specialises in undertaking differential diagnostic assessments for children and adults autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and mental health presentations. 

I am also a leading child development and parenting expert with 10 years’ experience of working in the media. I have had the privilege of appearing on several TV series including the secret life of 4, 5 and six-year-olds as a developmental expert.


I am very interested about the impact of technology on children and families and have produced a Tedx talk at the Central School of speech and drama on the topic of parenting in the digital age and have authored a book titled Unplugged Parenting, released in 2017.

The common thread through all my work, is my passion to support children and young people to live happy and fulfilled lives.  

In my work, I see so many young people who are experiencing mental health challenges and I feel that the traditional approaches to supporting their mental well being doesn’t always begin about the changes they, and I, hope for.  I have been looking for a new way to approach well being that focuses on the whole individual and can tap in to the emotional and physical resources that young people have.

I believe that ZaZegga offers this and does so in a way that is real and meaningful for children.  It engages them in their own well being journey and for the first time, helps them see themselves as whole beings, rather than just mental beings.  Something that makes instinctive sense to children.  

But I believe that ZaZegga is not just instinctive to children, it is fully accessible for everyone.  Having completed the ZaZegga programme myself, I feel I have developed a much deeper connection to my whole self.  I feel that I can draw on resources not only in the conventional way that I was taught - through thinking and using my mind, but from a more integrated place that uses all of my inner resources, and this has been a very powerful experience for me.

Elizabeth Kilbey
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