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A unique FREE programme providing powerful and empowering solutions to improve mental wellbeing for children and your people.


ZaZegga is a unique programme that provides powerful practises to improve mental well being and build inner fitness. It is so much more than a meditation or mindfulness app. It's a  that brings an exciting new theory of our inner world.


Through a new understanding of what I have termed Integrated Intelligence, of the heart as the centre of this; of the layers of personality and need that shape our experience of being and to the resources that we have within us.

Mental well being is top of the agenda in schools yet there is a glaring lack of meaningful content available.  

As a Clinical Psychologist, working with young people, I am increasingly concerned that we are not equipping them with the skills they need to support their mental  wellbeing in the modern world.

- Dr Elizabeth Kilbey - 


ZaZegga helps you to help yourself. It’s fully self-directed so is a combination of theory and practise presented in engaging videos.  


The theory is minimal, knowledge is useful to the extent you need it, so the theory is expertly targeted at what you need to know to make the practise make sense.  After watching the theory videos you go into the Practise Room – this is where I guide you through a sequence of practises that gently build on one another.

The online programme is delivered through 35 animated videos. They are presented in three ‘Zones’ to create a clear structure and progress path through the learning and practice.


Each Zone contains need-to-know theory videos and a ‘Practise Room’, an immersive space rich with experiential guided practises. The aim is to work in the ‘Practise Room’ until the practises have become habitual and can be used in a day to day way.

The Green

The Green Zone gives you ways to feel better in the moment using Bio-energetic techniques.  It introduces you to the theory of wholeness and to your Integrated Intelligence.  It is all about starting to know yourself as a whole being to expand you beyond the limits of the mind.  

The Orange

The Orange Zone is all about getting into a new relationship with yourself.  Understanding the difference between your outer persona and your inner world.  How personality shapes how you see the world, your unconscious needs and how these create your unique stress profile. 

The Purple

This is the deepest part of ZaZegga getting into relationship with the core you, the unconscious part of you that drives everything about how you exist in the world and is where you can find the underlying cause of your fears, anxieties, your negative feelings and aspects of your life that aren’t working.


The outcome for each person will be different and unique to their circumstances. The results will depend on the time and effort invested in the practise. The types of lasting outcomes that people can expect are:



To alleviate anxiety

To reduce the intensity of feelings in the moment so that they are manageable

To control thoughts, which so often either cause the feeling or amplify it through worry or ruminating on them

To have a way to easily connect to something beyond self, to a source of loving energy that can comfort and restore


I know that it is possible through these outcomes to become free of depression and anxiety as well as to affect many other manifestations of psychological imbalance. Research shows that adverse childhood experiences are usually the cause of most mental health issues as well as being linked to chronic health problems.


ZaZegga is aimed at this level, at healing issues at source and so has the potential to have significant impact.

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