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A unique mental well being programme consisting of a not-for-profit project that is funded by a for-profit business. 


I am crystal clear about who we are and what we’re doing.

We’re driven to make a positive impact on people’s well being around the world.

We believe that supporting children and young people's psychological well being has to be a priority as they are struggling so much and there is so much being heaped on their young shoulders.

I never set out to build a business in order to capitalise on the ‘mental health market’. Everything that you see here is a consequence of a turn of events in my life.


  • 2010 – I had the idea for an Inner Fitness programme in response to the report from the WHO that mental health was set to be the second biggest cause of disability by 2020.  However, I’m fully involved in my Management Consultancy career and don’t have time to develop the idea.

  • 2017 – I keep hearing the media reporting on the growing mental health crisis.  I had found my own way out of serious distress and dysfunction which had plagued me all my life and so I thought that given the overwhelming need and the serious lack of provision of traditional services I could help in my own way.  So I resurrected the idea of the Inner Fitness Programme and got to work

  • 2019 ZaZegga is complete.  I know that I cannot get this out to the world on my own.    I’m getting disheartened, but I feel a deep conviction that this is needed and some desperation that I have to recover all the time, effort and importantly money that I have invested in this.  I hold my nerve, and because I know that human linear time and our drive to achieve and succeed is not the way the Universal field works, I know to keep trusting.  Moral support from my brother helps me to keep the faith.

  • 2020 – I’m introduced to Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, Clinical Psychologist and child development expert.  She experiences ZaZegga and is moved by it herself, hugely impressed with it and becomes a partner.   The pandemic is in full effect and we decide that children and young people are in urgent need of help.  I work on a plan for this and envision the Well Being World Schools Project.

  • 2021 – A random encounter with Kathryn Lammas who is hugely enamoured with my work and joins the team, giving her time pro gratis to help to get this off the ground.  


Working on this has been full of all sorts of synchronicity and it has come together in it’s own time, and is now of its time.

You hopefully will have realised that I’m not a conventional entrepreneur and ZaZegga is not a conventional business model.

I believe that the fastest route to the most children and young people is through schools but schools are restricted with limited budgets and the red tape involved with procurement.  To get round this barrier I’ve taken a bold step to provide this to them on a minimal/no cost basis

This is dependent on being able to fund this – enter ZaZegga For Profit

I have clear vision on the For Profit arm of this mission too and that is that companies have a pivotal role to play in bringing about a better world now and for future generations. 

They have funds allocated for the transformations that are needed, there is in fact monumental investment being made across the world into creating a greener world

But, before we get there, millions of people are failing psychologically.  The WHO predicts depression to the biggest cause of disability worldwide by 2030.  And this is not a mental health issue – it is a crisis of being, it is a reflection of our lack of capacity for dealing with the huge psychological implications of an existential threat.


So, I am inviting companies to direct some of their attention and some of their funds towards this critical issue.  They have a commitment to their staff as well as to children and young people.   This is not a bottom line issue, or a productivity issue of ‘happier employees are more productive employees’.  This is about a genuine investment in people, in us, in our families and our futures – all of ours. 

I also want to see ZaZegga being used by individuals all over the world and so sales of it to consumers is a critical source of revenue.

Profits from these sales are what will enable the Not-for-Profit vision.


I have simple values which I don’t differentiate from being personal or business:

  • Do no harm

  • Respect the Earth

  • Give more in use value than you receive in monetary value

  • Hear all life

  • Value all life

  • Love all life

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