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Coronavirus Cocktail of Emotions

We’re all finding this a strange time. We’ve been confronted on many levels with changes that have shaken the very foundation on which our lives are based and this because of a virus that has the potential to kill us. The structures of life have gone, within the space of a few weeks. This has created a veritable cocktail of emotions and feelings.

The only framework we have for understanding and managing this complexity of feeling is ‘mental health’ and this is just far too narrow. Most concerning for me is it frames how we're feeling in terms of pathology and illness. It wasn’t adequate before this pandemic and now it’s limiting us even more.

What is happening to us is way beyond the limits of a medical notion of mental health. Modern life was already testing our psychological capacity, millions of people all over the world have been experiencing psychological distress. So, I don’t see mental illness, I see a gap between the challenges of modern life and the psychological strength and capacity we have for thriving within a volatile and uncertain world. Relying just on the medical model is unrealistic because there simply aren't the resources available for the scale and the true nature of the problem. Recognising this gap was my motivation for building ZaZegga.

What is ZaZegga?

ZaZegga is a unique online programme that provides powerful practises to improve psychological well being and build inner fitness. It is so much more than a meditation or mindfulness app. It's a deep and immersive programme that brings an exciting new theory of our inner world. Through a new understanding of what I have termed Integrated Intelligence and of the heart as the centre of this; of the layers of personality and need that shape our experience of being and to the resources that we have within us.

I believe passionately that we need to shift from the narrow lens of mental health to something broader and more inclusive, now more than ever as we try to adapt to the new normal and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.


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