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Make a donation that supports the ZaZegga mission and make an immediate and lasting difference to the distress that children and young people are experiencing. 


Climate Change is not only ravaging the physical world but our psychological one too.   We’ve faced nothing like this in living memory and we are all unprepared for it.  There is a global focus on addressing the material challenges and finding solutions, but there is little talk of the psychological threat.

This comes on top of an already growing epidemic of distress around the world.  The only frame we seem to have for this crisis is ‘mental health’ but by framing it this way we’re doing people a huge disservice.  We’re also restricting our options for how to improve the situation.

I’ve dissolved the ‘mental health’ paradigm and have massively expanded the frame of how we look at this problem and how we improve the lives of millions of people.

This frame is ‘wholeness’ and it links the global epidemic of distress with the climate change crisis – harming nature harms us physically but also psychologically.   


As someone deeply concerned about the environment I am encouraged to see business stepping up to play their part in radically transforming how we live and how they do business.

But I am worried that the psychological impact is not being addressed and where it is acknowledged it is being shunted into the mental health space and viewed as a medical disorder.  We simply cannot assign millions of people into the mental health black hole.

To save them from this and to bring some realism, some hope and most importantly some empowerment to people, I have founded this organisation, built ZaZegga and founded the Well Being World movement.

It’s desperate that the burden is falling unevenly on children and young people which is why we’ve made it our mission to give them whatever we can to help them and why we have the social enterprise arm of our business to enable this.

We have an incredible offering in ZaZegga, it is needed now like never before and I am confident that it will make a huge contribution to well being around the world.

I’m making a direct appeal to you, as a business that gets the problem and is serious about doing your bit, to join me and to be part of this.

You can make this happen.


ZaZegga is unique. 

It goes way beyond mindfulness and meditation.  It is a direct result of my own recovery from serious depression, chronic anxiety and severe emotional dysfunction which I achieved in an entirely self-directed way outside of the medical paradigm.

I was ideally placed as a Learning & Development Specialist to write an online programme that delivers real skills and practises to people that they can use in a very real and meaningful way in their day to day lives.

It is holistic but quite unintentionally it maps to psychotherapeutic evidenced based modalities and so it has the endorsement of Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, PhD

It brings reintegration with nature into the heart of the programme because healing nature heals us and healing us heals nature


Support us as part of your commitment to climate change and building a better world. 

Your support will make a world of difference to young people around the world.

Add your contact details and you won’t miss out on the latest news and launch offers.

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