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Communities that hold young people within an environment of wholeness. ZaZegga is the hub of this community of staff and students.


We’re here to help your school to amplify your support of children and young people with our unique online programme - ZaZegga.

We are also inviting you into our hugely ambitious and exciting Well Being World movement. 

We know how busy teachers and school staff are and the pressure they work under and how committed they are to the wellbeing of their pupils.  Our sole aim is to help to support them and the beauty of ZaZegga is that it is simple and effective.

Most primary schools are providing well being sessions for the children but they need content for these.  We can help with that – they can use ZaZegga

in these sessions. They can plan the programme to run over many weeks, and with the theory videos being very short,  they can deliver a meaningful sessions which give pupils real skills. The teacher or well being lead would have a ZaZegga account, they would log into it and then play the videos to the class.

ZaZegga For Secondary  Schools & Colleges

As ZaZegga is fully self-directed, secondary school pupils can simply be given access to it.  All we would need would be their school email addresses, with that we can set up account for them and then all they need to do is log in and use it.

SENCOs would also have access to use ZaZegga to augment their existing support.  

ZaZegga For
School Staff

Staff well being is vitally important and they will benefit as much from ZaZegga as the students.  As they learn how to use it to support their students they get all the benefits of it too.  It can create a shared understanding and practising of a new way of being that revolves around inner resources, relationship with self, others and with nature and other animals. 


There really is nothing else like it.

Climate Change Banners


We’ve faced nothing like this and we are all unprepared for it.


There is a finally a global focus on addressing the environmental challenges and finding solutions, it’s at the top of the agenda, but there is little talk of the psychological threat and this worries me.  Read my post on Psychological Sustainability.

This is why I’ve founded the World Well Being movement with three aims:

  • To expand how we look at mental health

  • To bring optimism, hope and empowerment to people around the world

  • And to put Well Being for all at the heart of how we live to foster a heart centered way of being.

Putting well being at the heart of how we live.



The Vision – to bring the future generations of the world together into community and direct dialogue.

There is such a loud activist narrative that can be frightening especially for young children, it is the narrative of the power struggles at the political level and it has its place.  But there is the lived experience, the feelings that we are all trying to process that are lost in all the action. It is the lived experience that unites us all and it is this, the shared experience that engages our hearts and shifts our inner states. 

Our Well Being World project aims to share the lived experience across the Global North, those mostly responsible for climate change and the Global South, those mostly feeling the impact of it


Through the sharing of the lived experience, like the man in a drought stricken region who only has cardboard to feed his goats, who is living the devastating effect and the children in a school in England who are feeling generalised anxiety about their future.

​The nature element of this is crucial – those in the Global South mostly still live very much within nature and so we can learn so much from them from their perspective.  It is our hope that this will open up a channel for healing and restoration for people all over the world in their everyday lives.  There are so many ways this can grow and help, we are so excited to see where it may lead.


Our ambition is to gift ZaZegga to the schools in developing countries and the Global South so they too can have access to skills to help to deal with their psychological challenges and be held within an environment of wholeness and a shared experience of heart centered living.   

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We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be launching ZaZegga for schools in early 2022.

Between now and our launch we will be doing vital Case Studies with our founding partner schools.

We would love to let you in on this behind the scenes work and to keep you updated on the progress toward the launch.


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