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A unique online programme that helps you to help yourself - it provides powerful practises to improve mental well being and build inner fitness.
An exciting new theory of our inner world.


ZaZegga helps you to help yourself.  It is a programme of 35 short videos which you work through at your own pace. You learn about the fascinating theory behind the techniques and then you get to put them into practise right away by yourself.   This isn’t long winded or boring theory. You get just the amount you need to make the practise make sense to you

You may have previously tried out meditation techniques, apps and even therapies. ZaZegga is different.   It teaches a model of wholeness and quickly turns it into practical skills that you use in the moment of your everyday life. It’s not something you must find a specific time slot to do separately.


And, ZaZegga offers so much more than the regular meditation and mindfulness programmes. It teaches you a full range of techniques. You even learn how to deal with extreme discomfort, like a panic attack, and how to change your whole outlook on life.  All you have to do is trust in the process.


ZaZegga's foundations are strong. It maps to tried and tested psychological treatments for improving mental health. It brings a depth of knowledge and practice in this vast area together in one accessible place and weaves it into a refreshingly new and inclusive model of being human. It taps into ancient knowledge we already have around being human and offers a new way of being.  



The videos are presented in four ‘Zones’ which each have a ‘Learning Room’ and a ‘Practise Room’ to create a clear structure and progress path through the learning and practice. 

In each of the four Zones you will watch need-to-know theory videos and then enter the ‘Practise Room’, where you will experience the guided practises.

The whole programme is about 4 hours of video, approximately 1 hour of this is in the Learning Rooms and 3 hours in the Practise Rooms.   

The Turquoise

Get to know yourself and your integrated intelligence. Discover the resources you already have within you!

The Turquoise Zone gives you ways to feel better in the moment using Bio-energetic techniques.

It introduces you to the theory of wholeness and to your Integrated Intelligence

It is all about starting to know yourself as a whole being to expand you beyond the limits of the mind.  

The Orange

The Orange Zone is all about getting into a new relationship with yourself. 


Understanding the difference between your outer persona and your inner world


How personality shapes how you see the world, your unconscious needs and how these create your unique stress profile

Discover the inner you and learn how to master your needs and perceptions for less stress and conflict.

The Magenta

The deepest part of ZaZegga getting into relationship with the core you, the unconscious part of you that drives everything about how you exist in the world and is where you can find the underlying cause of your fears, anxieties, your negative feelings and aspects of your life that aren’t working.

Learn skills that heal hurt and trauma, get to the core of what isn't working in your life and how you feel.

Find the core you, learn new skills and how to tackle what's not working.

The Green

The Green Zone is all about our deep and ancient recognition of our dependence on the natural world.  This dependence is as much psychological as it is physical.  Our wellbeing is tied directly to nature


Nature and other animals are restorative, and this zone puts you into touch with these in a fascinating way.     ​

Recharge and restore through being with, not just connecting to, Nature. 


You are unique so what happens will depend on your personal circumstances. But like most skills in life the results will most likely depend on the time and effort you invest in your practise. 

However, we can promise you that it is possible through these tried and tested techniques to improve many types of psychological imbalance and to improve many aspects of your relationship with yourself, with life and the world around you. 


ZaZegga has the potential to make significant and lasting impacts in your life.


I thought I was someone who needed to buy every single self-help book, and doing ZaZegga programme,  I realised that the answers were inside me all the time.  

It’s so simple yet changes are almost instant.

Self help always made me feel that everyone else was cleverer than me, ZaZegga is different, it empowered me and gave me permission to go back to being myself, to trust myself again.

I feel better, even when I’m sad I feel better, I know it is sadness, not ‘anxiety’ – not senseless worrying  

Made me know what to do when I get ‘yucky’.

Made me slow down.

I even walk the dog in a different way, it’s now an experience of self-discovery for us both 

I don’t even have to do things in a mindful way – I just do it. With regard to environmental issues – I don’t feel I must do things, now I want to do the right things, I no longer have guilt trip. 


  • An expanded understanding of what you feel and why

  • Be able to change your thoughts and feelings in the moment

  • Be in control of how you feel

  • Being kinder to yourself and to others

  • Being able to make yourself feel better by shifting into a resourceful state

  • Learn to accept feelings, the ones you don’t like as well as the ones you do and to pass through them with ease

  • Heal the wounds that shape who you are and how you experience stress and distress

  • Experience ‘being with’ with nature rather than ‘connecting to it’ – being with is a state of wholeness which is the secret to well being.

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