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Buy access to ZaZegga for yourself and for every license bought we will gift a license to a school to enable them to share the benefits with their pupils & be a "Well Being World School".


You know I think the best thing I can share with you hear here are is the words of Kathryn Lammas, my Project Manager, who asked to work with me after experiencing ZaZegga for herself.

ZaZegga is different to other programmes and well-being apps I have used because it really does provide holistic support. Not just the tools to tap into our inner resources but a full understanding of how we interact with others and the world we live in. It empowered me to think deeply about the world around me and my place in it. It has made me feel strong again when I was starting to feel that I was losing control. It has given me the confidence to believe that as an individual I have something positive to contribute to the enormous challenges being faced by humans.

It is a hands-on, practical programme. By following the short videos and exercises I learned tools and techniques that go beyond the standard meditation apps. I learned quick and easy methods to calm myself instantly when feeling anxious and how to make sense of my emotions and feelings. I put it all into practice with little effort and reaped lots of benefits.

The programme helped me to reconnect with inner resources, which I realise I always had. It feels like I have got back to who I always was. I am aware that these powers stem back to my childhood, when I instinctively learned to deal with the challenges life throws at us. This has left me feeling rejuvenated, powerful, confident. I have greater trust in myself and have more hope for the future. I feel less concerned about things that are beyond my control, but at the same time have a renewed motivation to do what I can to help improve the world, in collaboration with others.

ZaZegga is like having a mirror to the past of my powerful self and a window to an exciting and hopeful future in the world.

ZaZegga has reminded me that these skills are not new. Like sleeping, we know how to do it as babies, yet we can suffer insomnia in later life. In the same way we need help and support in relearning good sleep habits this programme teaches us how to reconnect with the primeval skills that we already possess.

Since completing the programme my approach to life has changed in simple yet dramatic ways. I do things at a slower pace, am more aware of how every action and decision could have a detrimental effect on others and the world, so I try to make the best choice each time. I listen more attentively, and I even walk the dog in a vastly unique way! Our walks are now a partnership. He teaches me how to just be in the park and to explore. We both arrive back home relaxed and refreshed instead of feeling rushed and stressed, because I must get onto the next ‘important’ task of the day.

For me ZaZegga stands out because it is simple yet comprehensive, philosophical yet commonsensicle and the programme provides the right balance of theory and practice to impact your life very quickly. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

ZaZegga is like having a mirror to the past of my powerful self and a window to an exciting and hopeful future in the world.


Every one of us is different and we are all battling our own particular stresses and strains and feeling distressed for different reasons and at different times.  What I’ve created with ZaZegga is something that everyone can get some benefit from, it somehow sort of magically connects with you, with where you are at. 

Buying ZaZegga you not only help yourself,  but you will be supporting children and young people at home and all over the world, and you will be part of a global movement for a world in which well being for all is the number one value.

Putting well being at the heart of how we live.

We’re just getting started and we’re excited about where this will go.

Join us!


Make a new start in the New Year.  Be the first to receive the brand new version of ZaZegga.

You’ll automatically get a 7 day Free Trial with every purchase.

Join our mailing list before December 31st 2021 to register your interest and you can take advantage of our special launch offer

We're currently upgrading to a shiny new version of ZaZegga which will be launching in the New Year.








* This offer expires on December 31st 2021 

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