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Knowing Your Whole Self

Knowing yourself is so important to resilience and is a gateway to opening to a deep and powerful way of living.

There is a difference between ‘knowing’ with your mind and ‘knowing’ as visceral knowledge, something more than just the mind, knowledge that arises from everywhere and nowhere in particular, It is not a thought, and the locus of attention is not the mind.

Many of us know that vague sense, like a story running beneath the surface, that we know is there, but we can’t access it. We get frustrated with the relentless demands of the day-to-day of the life we’ve created, as we feel deprived of any time or space to get in touch with this part of us, even if it as strong a sense as that. It may manifest as a vague dissatisfaction with life, that remains immune to the outward changes that you make.

It can feel like a hard taskmaster, we are always driving toward a feeling of satisfying the story, like we’re second guessing the plot and who we are meant to be in it. We constantly tweak the script of our life, but this feeling is not satisfied. It can manifest as that vague sense that we are meant to be doing something different/more worthwhile/more meaningful/more joyful with our life…yet it’s a gnawing feeling that won’t go away. Even sometimes when we make a big break, turn life upside down, convinced that we’re finally going to satisfy the feeling, only to be dismayed when the dust settles, that it’s still there.

Learning how to be present with this deeper part of our self, to honing our ability to be in touch with it despite the noise of life, helps us to align with what is unfolding, to know in a way that is profound, but subtle, giving us confidence in the rightness of action and words, the rightness of how to feel and what to express. This is the essence of finding and living our authentic self.

We have an inner voice that guides us, we might know it best when we’re presented with options of how to behave, what to do say or do. But ‘who’ is this voice? Is it our highest self or the one that speaks from our blueprint, our story, our coded beliefs? When we act on it, do we feel congruent, peaceful or is there a feeling of regret, disappointment in our selves, wishing we could have chosen a ‘higher’ path?

Getting better acquainted with the voice that whispers to us, can be invaluable in creating a strong sense of self, building self-esteem and a confidence that we are living from our best self.


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